Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lordy Lordy, Look Who's 40 !

Here is one of my best stampin buddies, Donna. She is slowly catching up to me in age. Hey Vicki isn't this a nice picture of her. I took it from the top of the pool ladder. LOL. Isn't she cute, she looks so inocent. Love ya Donna.


Jacqui said...

there ya go!!!! getting on the blogger band wagon!!
Sorry I missed the party - looks like you all had fun!

Summerthyme Studio said...

This is a GREAT picture.........hehe........I see you finally got on the Blogging Bandwagon!!!! I am a faithful follower now!!!! lol

Have a great day!


Kristi said...

I love this. You do have to get up high to take those non chin photos..not saying Donna has any extra chins at all...just teasing because Vicki is always saying stand on the chair!!LOL

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