Sunday, July 27, 2014

Derwent and Art Journaling

Good Morning Everyone,

Want to share with you one of my favourite techniques that I use to make my  background in my art journal. I got this technique from Terri Kahri. She has a wonderful video you can watch. I like to use Dylusions Small Creative Journal when I am working on different techniques. This is sort of like my note book of techniques.
I love using the Derwent Intense Colored Pencils to make this back ground.

Before you start you must prep your page with gesso. If you don't, your page will pill ( not sure if that is the word). You scribble over your page with your Derwent Intense Pencils. These are the colours I started with, Tangerine, Sienna Gold, Violet and Freesia. Using a baby wipe you rub your marks until they are mixed together. You let this dry and then add Sherbet and Dark Aquamarine.

I then take Dina Wakeley Turquoise paint and rub with a baby wipe to certain areas of my pages. Not too much but enough to blend the colours. 

I than used Dina Wakeley Textures stamps with different colours of her paint and stamp all over to finish off the background.

You can also use this technique to make  backgrounds for your card making. 

Thanks for looking and have a great day. 

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